Mental Health Awareness Week: Top Relationship for Fran Houston

Note: my VLOG from day six of MHAW is here:

By Fran Houston, Author & Bipolar Sufferer, Twitter: @GumOnMyShoe

The most important person in my life is:
Marty Baker

Why have you chosen this person?
Hemy bestest friend in the whole wide world.
Your relationship: 
How long have you known one another?
5 years
How did you first meet?
On the wall of a Facebook friend who was talking suicide.
What was your first thought/opinion on this person?
I didnt like what he said and called him on it.
Has this changed?
Yes. But I still call him on things.
List three highlights from your relationship so far.
He saved my life over and over and over again while battling mania and depression.
The constancy of our connection.
Taking each other on our vacations and the Triple Crown.
Has there been any low or difficult moments in your relationship? If yes, how have these been overcome?
We disagree and even fight regularly. But we are fierce about being open and honest, and staying.
Do you have any differences of opinion, views or beliefs? If yes, what are they?
Theres lots of things that are different about us. That only makes us widen our hearts and outlooks.
I love my protein. Hes a vegetarian. 
I am an adventurer. He is a home body.
We both love words but he talks funny. 
List three things you have in common. 
We love being together. We enjoy exploring. We love technology.
Is there anything youre looking forward to with this person?
It will be so delightful to meet again. Oh, and birthing our book.
Describe this person with one word.
Write one sentence of something you would like to say to this person.
Weve been together a spit in the ocean and have many spits to go..
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