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This year, Time to Change (TTC) will be working in partnership, with I’m NOT Disordered on a exclusive series of projects for Time To Talk Day (TTD) on February 2nd. 

Questions completed by Caroline Wild, Deputy Director, Communications & Corporate Relations, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust
Can you tell us about the worst (least helpful, most upsetting, anger-provoking etc) talk you’ve had with another person regarding mental health?

I work in an NHS mental health and disability trust and often work with the public and people in other organisations in relation to mental health services.  I have seen attitudes toward mental health improve dramatically over the years, but sometimes things still happen which take my breath away (and not in a good way).  Last year we did a survey with the public about mental health and a frighteningly high number of people said that they didn’t think someone with depression could do a difficult job.  It still shocks me to remember that not everyone appreciates that we all experience mental health problems from time to time.  It doesn’t make people unable to do their jobs or have the kind of everyday lives that they have.

Can you tell us about the greatest (most positive, beneficial, encouraging, supportive etc) talk you’ve had with another person regarding mental health?
have positive conversations about mental health every day.  I’m really lucky to work in an organisation that encourages people to share their own experience and really values them for doing that.  The very best ever conversation I had was years ago with my GP.  I was having a hard time and he told me about the support he had been getting.  He didn’t need to share that with me, but it made a real difference to how I felt about getting some support.

Finally, list three reasons why you think people should talk about mental health:

1. Because you never know how much someone needs to have that conversation until you start it

2. Life is too short not too
3. Because talking about mental health could change the world – in fact it’s the only thing that will!

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