Thanks to a poll on my Twitter back in November, my wonderful followers decided that I should publish a blog post and film a vlog every day for the entirety of December!

So welcome to December 14th… 

This post started out as a chat with Aimee about her awesome blogmas/vlogmas extravaganza here at Im NOT Disordered. The conversation went something like this: 

“Marty, would you like to contribute to the incredible amount of content Im going to need?! 

I thought youd never ask! What would you be looking for? 

I have no clue!! Something Christmassy though! Could be like a wish list? 

I can do that! 

And so, here it is:

Given that Fran and I blog at Gum on My Shoe about mental health and supportive friendships, and Aimees blog is also primarily about mental health, I thought Id focus on things that help me with my wellbeing, rather than just list a random selection of things Id like to have.  

Writing has always been an important part of my life; so much so that it features prominently in my Wellness Recovery Action Plan. I use Moleskine journals for my daily diary, and carry two Midori Traveler’s notebooks around with me pretty much everywhere. My EDC (every day carry) also includes stickers, stamps, and my collection of fountain pens. With this in mind, Ive chosen items that I use in my journaling, or related items Ive wanted for ages! Links are to the items at Amazon or The Journal Shop. 

Im going to start with the large (Standard) and small (Passport) Midori Travelers Notebooks themselves. I already have one of each, but it lets you see what I am talking about and hey, you never know, maybe I could do with another one (or two) some time! They come in a range of colours but the brown is my personal favourite. Note that the photos are of my own notebooks with a couple of years’ natural ageing and customisation.  

As I mentioned earlier, I use Moleskine hardback ruled notebooks for my daily journaling. Each lasts around three months so this is one item I can never have too many of! 

Notebook Refills 
I use a ruled notebook refill (refill 001) in my Standard MTN to record details of work meetings relating to my role in the Wellbeing and Mental Health team; and a blank (003) or lightweight blank (013) refill for notes and blogging. The lightweight refill has twice as many pages (128) as the regular, with extra thin paper which nevertheless takes fountain pen ink with no bleeding through. Extras of any of these are always good to have!  

 Travelers Notebook Refill 001 (Ruled)  

 Travelers Notebook Refill 013 (Lightweight Blank Paper) 

Fountain Pens 
My all-time favourite fountain pens are the Lamy Safari range. I have four or five but they come in LOADS of colours so I’d never say never to a few more! Hint: I dont have a red one. (Extra fine nib please, Santa!) And you can’t have a fountain pen without ink, right?! 

The Midori brass fountain pen is something I have had my eye on for a while now but haven’t quite got round to trying out … so far! 

 Journaling can become a bit addictive when you start getting into stickers, washi tape (google it!), stamps and such. Here are three little extras that caught my eye! 

 Midori “Star” Ferry Company Stamp 

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