So, you may remember that I lost my cat; Emmy, a few months ago. She had been best-friends for over a year with my lop eared lionhead bunny; Luna. She was all Luna had ever known. And losing her was heartbreaking for both of us.

From the day Emmy was put to sleep, our Veterinary Practice recommended adding a bunny companion to help Luna cope with the sadness, stress and confusion of the loss. And, for a little while, I thought that I’d completely made my mind up and that I wouldn’t be getting another fluffy one. But then, Luna began depositing waste everywhere and the Vets explained it was from the stress, so I discovered Simply Beautiful Mini Lop Bunny Rabbits and on January 9th, I added Gracie to our family!

The first day was kind of rocky in terms of figuring out whether they liked each other and if it had actually caused more stress. Actually though, the parts I thought were signs of dislike, were actually signs of them beginning to bond – something which I should have researched and known before making the decision to have two rabbits for the first time in my life. 

Now we’re on day three and I’ve cried about three times simply from seeing them share the cutest of moments in sleeping together and gently playing together and then eating with each other! And, whilst I believed that I coped really well with losing Emmy, this happiness is definitely one that I haven’t felt since the loss and is one which I could never have imagined experiencing again.

I want to make it clear that I – in no way – want this to look as though I’m replacing Emmy nor that I’m forgetting about her… I got Gracie for Luna’s sake and making me happy has been an incredible bonus. Plus, I’m pretty confident that Emmy would want Luna and I to experience this love and excitement again. And there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think of Emmy and have a cry over the loss of my beautiful little calico.

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