“Thirty two!”

“I know! How did I manage it?!”

“A lot of hard work!”

As if I’ve made it to thirty-two!! Having started to take a number of actions that could have very likely killed me when I was eighteen, a number of mental health professionals openly stated that they’d be surprised if I made it to my nineteenth Birthday. In all honesty, I also couldn’t imagine me ever getting to this age! And obviously, for a very long time, I didn’t even want to make it that far! I mean, I actually had this really intense belief for well over a year where I was convinced that I had been put on this earth purely to commit suicide and die at a young age so that it drew attention to the failures within psychiatric services. And it took A LOT of therapy to help me work through that and I think that the ultimate aid in this, was I’m NOT Disordered; because blogging truly feels like I have a purpose in life. Like, I believe this is what I was put here to do. This, is why I have gone through all that I have…

The most important blog post:

REST IN PEACE MY DARLING LITTLE CALICO; EMMY | I'm NOT Disordered (imnotdisordered.co.uk)

Largest Career-changing opportunity:

Signing a temporary contract to be a Communications and Marketing Assistant for St Oswald’s Hospice – after almost a year of volunteering there

Most incredible moment in my blogging journey in the last year:

When I’m NOT Disordered ranked number one in the country for Borderline Personality Blogs on Feedspot: 5 Best UK Borderline Personality Disorder Blogs and Websites in 2023 (feedspot.com)

Favourite celebration of the year:

A get together of nine of my favourite people to celebrate I’m NOT Disordered’s 10th Birthday: EVERYTHING ALL OF YOU MEAN TO ME | I’M NOT DISORDERED’S 10TH BIRTHDAY PARTY | I'm NOT Disordered (imnotdisordered.co.uk)

The most rewarding purchase:

A Coach crossbody bag

The best trip/adventure:

Edinburgh with my Mum in November in collaboration with Edinburgh Bus Tours: WHY COLLABORATIONS CAN BE ALL ABOUT LEARNING AS YOU GO | IN COLLABORATION WITH EDINBURGH BUS TOURS | AD | I'm NOT Disordered (imnotdisordered.co.uk)

Favourite Christmassy photo:

Most special pet moment:

Seeing Luna & Gracie bonding and cuddling up together

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