I Need A Camera Test

It's been a rough week. On Saturday evening I started having a cramping pain in my stomach, I thought it was the time of the month so I got a hot water bottle but by the night-time I had a sudden stabbing pain and started vomiting. The staff did my obs and my blood pressure and pulse were raised - a sign of pain but there wasn't enough staff on the night shift to take me to A&E and they'd already taken two other girls. So, first thing Sunday morning, I wen to Hospital with the staff, I was rushed straight through triage and into a cubicle where a Doctor tried to put a cannula (a tube into your vein) in to give me morphine but my veins are soooo bad from all of the treatment for overdoses so when the Consultant still failed they gave me an injection of di-hydro-codeine and tablets of Buscopan, Diclofenac, Paracetamol, Tramadol and an anti-sickness. My bloods came back normal but my urine sample showed signs of infection and they were unsure if I had pancreatitis again so I was taken up to the surgical assessment ward. One of the two Doctors who saw me there told the staff and I that I'd have to stay in because of how bad the pain had been and I started crying. I didn't like the thought of being in this strange Hospital and I just remembered the last admission there when I ended up restrained, sedated and back on 5minute obs. So, I put on a brave face and when a Urology Doctor (there was blood in my urine) said I'd need a scan, I asked if I could leave and come back for it. The Doctor who'd said I had to be admitted agreed that since my bloods were normal and the pain had calmed down, I could leave. I was so grateful, especially when they realised there was no free appointments for the CT scan until Tuesday. So, I would've been in Hospital two nights. As it turned out, there was nothing Tuesday either so I had to go back in yesterday. I was scared for the CT scan because I couldn't remember ever having one but it wasn't too bad and after, the staff and I got lunch before going back to the ward for a bladder scan and the results of the CT. We were waiting for about five or six hours and they didn't give me the right painkillers (I take paracetamol and tramadol) or my anti-sickness and then it came to 6pm when my anti-psychotic is due and I started panicking. I cried to the Doctor and asked them to hurry up and see me then debated just leaving but then the whole day would've been a waste. The Consultant finally saw me and said my scan was normal but because of the blood I had to have a camera test. I had to explain that I wouldn't be able to sit through it so he agreed I could be put to sleep. I came back to the Psychiatric Hospital feeling like I'd had no good news and I cried in my bedroom to the DBT facilitator. My Mum said that once I had the date of the op she would arrange to come down for it so that was nice, and then I had a chat with one of my favourite NAs and she reassured me.
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