My progress through The Recovery Star

So, at our Hospital we have this piece of paperwork called the Recovery star where you score various areas of your life and set goals to improve them. Below, are my old scores and reasons for them and the new ones. I love to have something like this in front of me to actually see my progress rather then feel it or be told I have. The old one was completed 19.09.2012.

Old Managing Mental Health
4 I engage in services but I rely on staff to take the initiative though I am achieving small goals.
New Managing Mental Health
8 I am learning about my triggers and symptoms though I still need some support, I have become more resilient so that small difficulties will not knock me back. I am achieving goals which help my belief in recovery.

Old Physical Health and Self-Care
4 I am willing to work towards recovery but I need help in doing this.
New Physical Health and Self-Care
6 I enjoy working on my style, image and presentation and I have no problems with personal hygiene. I still need support in making changes to my sleeping pattern and diet.

Old Living Skills
5or6 I feel I could live independently as I have good living skills but I'm in Hospital at the moment. I would need help with my budgeting though.
New Living Skills
7 I have made improvements in my budgeting skills though I still need support with some areas e.g. cooking.

Old Social Networks
3 I am involved with people I trust in a mental health service but I'm not fully engaging. I don't really know what interests I have.
New Social Networks
9 I have established interests and I activities  with others. I have developed interests, networks and friendships but need occasional support.

Old Work
5 I sometimes lose belief and I'm not clear on how to achieve my goal but I believe it's possible.
New Work
8 I am actively engaged in looking for work and I'm developing more skills with my interest in fashion and through being a Ward Rep.

Old Relationships
8 I am learning how to make a relationship work but I still need quite a lot of support.
New Relationships
10 My relationships with my Mum, family and Chelsea have strengthened and I now know what I need and how to express it with other relationships.

Old Addictive Behaviour
I need people to take the initiative though I am taking action on this as I agree I need to make changes but sometimes I'm not as committed.
New Addictive Behaviour
8I have a sense of control and self-confidence as I have found new ways to deal with situations that would've led to negative behaviours. In these situations, I mostly choose well.

Old Responsibilities
5  I recognise that not obeying rules can be harmful and I try to make changes because I know rights and responsibilities are linked.
New Responsibilities
8 I mostly abide by the terms of the Hospital and I am recognising the gains of doing things differently though I sometimes need support to prevent me slipping back.

Old Identity and Self-esteem
4 I have little confidence outside of services but I do achieve small goals that benefit me.
New Identity and Self-esteem
8 I accept my mental health as part of me but it does not define me. I rarely get affected by what others say but I still need to build my self-esteem and resilience.

Old Trust and Hope
4 I can trust a couple of people and I rely on them but I'm doubtful of my own abilities.
New Trust and Hope
8 I can recognise a shared experience with others. I've gotten through some setbacks so I have trust in my own abilities with the knowledge that others are there to help me.
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