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So, a while ago I attended my first i4i meeting (the Yorkshire and Humber Recovery and Outcomes i4i Group) and I was asked to give a presentation at the next one. I've never really been comfortable speaking in front of a lot of people but I'm so passionate about this blog and I knew it would be an amazing opportunity to tell people about it so I ignored my fears and agreed. Today was the day I gave the presentation.
I made a PowerPoint presentation but remembered that I hate presentations where people literally just read off the slides to you so I made some notes about extras I wanted to add in. I spoke to one of the girls on the ward who'd recently given a presentation at a local university and she encouraged me by saying to keep it in my mind that no one is being made to be there. They've all chosen to; they all want to be there. And that helped. So thank you !!
My one worry about the presentation was that I wouldn't have the confidence to look up from my notebook or the laptop but I did! It helped that the Involvement Co-Ordinator (who I seem to be spending a lot of time with at meetings etc. at the moment) came up to the front of the room with me and changed the slides for me.
Everyone was really lovely and a couple of people even asked questions which showed a genuine interest. I got a lot of claps and praise too for it and I got that buzz you get when you do well at something you worried you'd fail. A sense of pride that for so long, I had never felt.
It worked out well doing the presentation today because we're going to do my 'flooding' tomorrow so I was more stressed and anxious about that to be too nervous about the presentation!
So yes, thank you for being so lovely to me everyone who was at the i4i :)

(check out little old us at number 4! Also, that space on the second line of the description is where I had to erase the name of my hospital for confidentiality reasons; in case you wondered)

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