The Changes To The Blog

If any of you follow the blog's Facebook page ( then you'll know that I've been working on making some changes to the blog recently.
Basically an incident occurred that brought to my attention that I might have made some comments on here that could've upset staff. Knowing they read it shouldn't mean that I write rants in the hope they'll see and understand my point.
This blog was originally set up for me and to tell people about my journey to recovery from BPD and I think that perhaps somewhere along the line, I lost that purpose. This blog isn't to bitch about staff; that's not what I want it to be about so, to staff who might very well be reading this; I'm sorry that my blog became about that and I'll try my hardest to change that.
I can't write posts without mentioning staff as I'm an inpatient and that would be unrealistic but I will try to minimize any references to them and eradicate all posts solely about them. I don't want readers to get the wrong idea and think bad things about this Hospital because as much as I get stressed, frustrated and upset by some of things that go on here, ultimately, I'm grateful. This Hospital and these staff have saved my life (no exaggeration) and I will always feel indebted to them. I think that it's because I recognise their importance to my life and recovery that I have higher standards for them.
Anyway, apologies to those who might not like the new format but my blog is ultimately here to reassure others and make those struggling feel less lonely so if I realise it's upsetting people then I will do all I can to stop that from happening.
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