An Open Letter for

These gorgeous girls on the ward never cease to amaze me. At the moment the girly I'm finding particularly inspirational is you, Rebecca.
I've always admired your outlook, you have a determination in you that is so astounding.
I understand what it is to want the shit to end whilst being unable to end it yourself, the most important part is that you want it to stop. And then accepting their help will be the ultimate challenge but I'm confident you can do this. You got this shit, babe.
You have a strength in you that goes far beyond the abilities one would assume your body would have! And I don't just mean your strength in play fights!
I have so much respect for your intelligence that I'll encourage you to do whatever it takes to access that intelligence and use it to it's full potential. I've also had an insight into the skeleton of Rebecca, I think in recent days, and I don't like her. She doesn't laugh when PHAT Rebecca would. She doesn't smile as much. And when she is smiling the light doesn't reach to her eyes. I want my mouthy, sparkly, robust, giggling Rebecca back. And I know she's still there; I spent a little bit of time with her this afternoon and I can see you're trying to allow her to be here more often.
This decision you have made and are reconsidering (stop doing that!)... It's going to be your biggest test on the road to recovery. Speaking from experience, when life challenges you again and again it's not to tire you out; it's to make you stronger. So you can roll with the punches and come back even better than before. That's all this will do to you. You'll do a lot of hard work - because nothing that's easy is ever worth achieving - and it'll be so bloody worth it. Such a relief to be back in control, to be less tired, to have your concentration back, to have your memory in tip top condition, to enjoy the times only you and I are laughing and to look as beautiful as you are on the inside.
You might have the smallest dress size, but you have the biggest heart.
You can do this.
And I'll be there to hold your hand :)

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