What is a best-friend?

I've had best-friends... I had three throughout first school, then two throughout middle and high school, two during my first year in sixth form and one for the last year and three years after it. I remember saying goodbye to my best-friend when I knew I was coming to this Hospital and I promised her I wouldn't make another best-friend. I still feel bad for that but I guess, at the time, I had no idea I was going to meet my best-friend and soul mate; Chelsea Sharkie. And it is through this relationship the I now know what a best-friend is...

someone who remembers the day you met
someone who wants to learn everything about you
someone who is saddened to think you ever had a life without one another
someone who can be completely different on the outside and on their iPod but your friendship goes deeper than that
someone who's family accept you as part of it
someone who it feels completely natural to be friends with
someone you tell everything to (especially when you're told not to tell anyone!)
when the thought of all you can do together, makes you excited for your future; even at the darkest of moments
when you learn something from one another
when you can't go a day without speaking
when she's the first person you run to
when you'd do anything to see her
when you're actually grateful for the shit circumstances you met in just because it brought you together
when having a suicide pact wouldn't work because it would shorten your friendship
when she washes the blood away
when your top dries her tears
when she starts saying 'shan't' to people
when it becomes second nature to know what to do when she cries
the person who can ground you without brining you down with a bump
when you have to hate someone purely because she does
and you hurt when she does
and you laugh when she laughs
and you cry when she cries
and you're there when she's alone
and you dance like a fish to cheer her up
and she writes a piece of music for you
and no amount of miles can keep you apart
and there are no words to give your friendship justice, so instead you just love each other

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