#2 BP Series: Role Models

In no particular order...

1. Yves Saint Laurent for standing up to the those who made his mental health deteriorate

2. my Mum for teaching me what unconditional love is

3. Chelsea Sharkie for showing me what a best-friend is

4. my Aunt for always putting family first, no matter how many miles are between us

5. Lily Cole for breaking the mould and not just being a gorgeous model, but also very intelligent


6. Tim Walker for his ability to make the most mundane things beautiful with a bit of imagination

7.Evanna Lynch for showing perseverance in overcoming her mental health disorder in order to achieve her dream

8. Millie Mackintosh for not listening to the doubters of her relationship and ultimately, proving them wrong

9. my Nana for teaching me that you should always handle issues with dignity

10. Ian Callaghan for building himself back up from the darkness

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