We Made Plans

So, those of you who follow the blog's Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/imnotdisordered) will know that today I had a very important meeting with my Case Manger and my Consultant popped in for a bit. I talked about things a bit in the Discharge Discussion post and so my Case Manager (some still refer to them as funders) came down and we chatted about how I felt and what I'd like to happen next...
I'm so pleased to tell you all that in the middle of August we'll be having a big team meeting with my team here in Hospital and those I'll be working with in the future, and the plan will be to send me to a bungalow on the grounds of my local psychiatric hospital. While I'm there I'll be building up my leave and it will be short-term until my new Psychiatrist agrees to rescind my section so that I can move to a longer-term placement. I'll have psychology and I'll be able to use the time to integrate back into the community as the bungalows are monitored by staff but ultimately, you're living alone. I'll also be able to look into local courses and jobs and it will be amazing to be so close to my Mum!
Initially, I still felt a bit disappointed and voiced how I could be more patient about the move if I felt my hard work and progress was being recognised but I was reassured that so long as things continue to go well I'll be back on hourly obs and with all of my leave by the time of the transfer.
I'm so happy and relieved that things are moving and my hard work is paying off! I'm so excited to just get out there and live! Even the simplest of things are going to be appreciated that bit more now!
To everyone out there, fighting and feeling like they're getting nowhere? Keep at it. Nothing worth having ever comes easily!

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