Dolly Update

Hi guys! There seems to be a lot of you who like cats and who are enjoying my photos of Dolly on Twitter and Facebook, so I thought I'd do a quick post for those of you who don't follow me on Twitter or have me added on Facebook.

Whenever I nap on the settee, Dolly has to join me... Here's our Boxing Day snooze that my Mum photographed:

And, that's not the only time she sleeps...

(This was when I was drying her favourite blanket on the kitchen radiator! And yes, I will be buying her a radiator bed for her Birthday!)

(And this is the state of her after a play session with my Mum; not sure who enjoys them more to be honest!)
Dolly's pretty good through the night now; she doesn't bother me  if I get up for the loo (she's locked out of my bedroom now because of the shit and piss incidents!). On that note, I'm trying to crack this bed business... She's litter trained because she doesn't have accidents anywhere else! It's literally just my bed! But, she doesn't have accidents on my bed when it has the above blanket on it... And she's still crying a lot when she goes to the toilet. And, being a good mother, I know it's her 'pain cry' so that'll be something I'll be speaking to the vet about when she gets her next injections.
Dolly now has a good collection of toys, which I often find all over my home, but she still has an empty gift bag she hides in, and a cardboard box she likes to chew. I bought her a new toy recently that was a bargain in Poundstretcher for £1.50; one of those springy toys! She loves it! She is also, an absolute whizz at fetch! Not even joking. This morning, she took it a step further; I was working on all these exciting collabs for the blog and she wasn't getting the attention that she constantly wants so she ran off and brought her toy to me. Then, every time she chased it and brought it back, she rolled over for her tummy tickles! Her new favourite thing when playing is to drop her toys behind the back cushions on the settee and go head first after them!
She's also getting more adventurous as she grows and can now get on the window sill. She keeps attempting the bookcase but I'm nipping that in the bud because if it fell on her it would not be good!

I'm relieved my Christmas decorations are down now so I'm not hunting all over for baubles! I've been treating Dolly to the cat milk by Whiskers as she keeps sucking on the fluffy blanket and kneeding it with her paws (as they do to get milk from their Mum) so I figured she must still want some from time to time. I've also bought her a brush as you can see in the photos; she's longhaired. She doesn't know what to do when I brush her; she squirms to get away but purrs too!
I'm so glad I finally have her! When it was getting closer to picking her up, I had a conversation with my best-friend because I worried that there was so much excitement around me getting her and I thought it would wear off. But I never get tired of her. Whenever I have appointments or I'm on my way home, I get so excited to see her and she's a massive motivation for me avoiding hospitalisation. She does like a lot of attention though, which is sometimes an issue when I have a lot to do but hopefully she'll learn that I will play with her but I need time to do my blogging and college work too.

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