Life Update... And Beauty Products

So, the other big news in my life at the moment, is my new job! I use Do-It to search for voluntary positions in my local area and I came across a one with Blind Veterans called an Independent Skills Developer. I applied ,and was offered an interview; which I was successful at! My job, consists of helping a man who was in the Navy until developing MS which affected his movement, it's now spread to his sight and he is having difficulty engaging in arts and crafts. Which, is unfortunate as he was a good artist. He has been taught new skills such as drawing from memory and needs support in trying these out. That's my job. It's so good because I love to help people and I love arts and crafts! The lady interviewing me, said she'd take me to a Art Workshop at their Sheffield Centre where I could meet the Art Therapists and bounce ideas off of one another. I also mentioned to the interviewer my blog and it was such a massive relief to hear she'd read it and thought that it showed I have all the values they want in their employees! I can't wait to begin work once by CBS checks and references come through!
I also just thought I'd mention what I have coming up these next few months:
  • I'm beginning another Distance Learning course soon!
  • I also have 'Taking Control,' 'Coping with Endings' and 'The Big Debate' at Recovery College this term. And then 'Finding the Hero Inside' which is the creative writing course I'll be co-facilitating before holding my own workshop.
  • I have my training with work coming up.
  • My BIRTHDAY is February 1st
  • And an event with ITV and YoungMinds on the 2nd!
A little while ago, I was invited to join Blogger's Hub and I had a brief look through the gifting opportunities before dismissing them with a 'they won't gift to a blogger like me.' And then, (admittedly it took some time) I realised what a massive hypocrite I was being. It's like many things though, outwardly you can exhibit cadoodles of confidence and advise others but inside, you can't take your own advice. 
So, I got back onto the site and visited every single website that were offering to gift bloggers. I found the products I liked the best (regardless of their price tag) and sent e'mails to the contact lists explaining how the fact I choose to blog about my mental health, doesn't mean that I don't like fashion or beauty as much as the next girl. And, the traffic my blog gets means no different than that of a beauty or fashion blog!
So far, I've had three replies and all three were a 'yes.' So, there will be some beauty reviews coming up... I don't want people to come to my blog and think 'this isn't what Aimee does' and turn away to a beauty blogger who will do reviews a hell of a lot better, so I've thought it through carefully. If you've had DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy), one of the skills I have found the most useful when I'm struggling, is 'self soothe.' And this is how I'm adapting my reviews into my blog. By using the products as soothing. When I score them, it won't be compared to other products by different brands; it'll be in terms of how useful they were to cheering me up just a little bit.
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