FBMH: Q&A with Katie from 'Knelt'

1. Do you ever blog about personal aspects of your life?

Yes quite often! I love seeing snippets of other bloggers lives, and I love sharing bits of my own life. It breaks up the monotony of review after review and shows the person behind the blog
2. What do you gain from doing this?
Well, happiness I guess. I’m doing it because I want to, so that can’t be a bad thing!

3. Why did you volunteer to be part of #FBMH?
There still seems to be a lot of stigma around mental health, and anything I can do to help combat that I will do. My partner suffers worse problems than I do and I strive to understand those problems as best I can to support him in the best way possible.

4. How do you feel about mental health stigma?
Frankly? Pissed off - why is it seen as such a negative thing?!

5. Do you actively campaign for better mental health services or to get rid of stigma?

I should do more than I do if I’m honest, but I also face the stigma head on whenever I see it. There was this one time I was on the bus and a passenger moved seats. They had been sitting next to a man who had obvious Tourette's, who then looked extremely embarrassed and upset, so I moved seats to sit next to him. I did it without saying a word, but hopefully the man appreciated the fact that he was being accepted by someone rather than rejected, and hopefully the other passengers got the message that people who suffer illnesses we don't understand often need the acceptance of society the most.

6.Why did you begin blogging?
 I began blogging because I really missed writing after I finished my literary based degree. I read lots of blogs already and I just thought, if they can why can’t I?

7. What made you decide to blog about beauty and fashion?
They are just things I really love, and it makes sense to write about things you love to me - how else can yon a bus when a man sat next to a passenger who had obvious Tourettes moved seats, tutting as they did so. The Tourettes sufferer was clearly upset by this, so I moved seats to sit next to him. I never said a word, but by sitting there I made the point that this person was not to be treated so negatively because of what they suffered.
8. How did you find writing your piece for #FBMH ?
I found it really therapeutic, it was a big help to get it all down on paper!

9. What has been the best moment in your blogging career so far?
Erm, it’s hard to pick out an individual moment to be honest, I enjoy it all so much! I wrote an article for an online magazine that had such positive feedback - whilst it wasn’t my own blog I was super proud of the reception that it got!
10. What has been the worst?
In some ways, when I started over from scratch it felt like the worst thing ever. I did this because of personal reasons (which are explained on my blog if you’re that interested!), but honestly, that ‘worst’ moment? The best thing I ever did!

11. What advice would you give someone just beginning to blog?
Enjoy it, and stay true to yourself!

Anything else you’d like to add?

Thanks for letting me get involved Aimee!


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