So... I'm throwing a party!! #100kwithimnotdisordered


Some of you may already know this if you're invited or have seen me mention it on Twitter, Facebook and in my vlogs. To celebrate getting 100,000 views, I'm hosting a party at a lovely hotel in Newcastle (I'm not disclosing exact details as its an invitation only event).
When I first talked about wanting to celebrate this milestone, I thought it would be something that just remained a dream. And now it's happening tomorrow!!! It's soooo crazy and surreal!
I've never thrown an event/party like this before so I had lots of help from my Mum and Auntie, which limited my stress so that I was more excited.
The plan for the party is to have photos (I have a photographer booked) in front of the backdrop that has my blog logo all over it as they come in. I have two tables that have a seating plan and then the other three are free to everyone. So I have my table with lots of special people from my Mum to the Cheif Executive of NTW! And then a table for all of my friends so I can go sit with them throughout the evening. I'll be making an opening speech and there's three others speaking before food is served at 7:30 and the singer will be playing for the rest of the party. I have an adjoining room to the main one where there'll be a stand set up for Time To Change and SoMe. Then the radio station; Mentally Sound will have an area for interviews so there's minimal background noise.
And finally, everyone can leave with a goodie bag!
The reason I wanted to throw this party was not only to celebrate the success of I'm Not Disordered, but also, to thank those who have been and will be instrumental in supporting the blog and providing with amazing opportunities.
I wanted to write this post before the event as the post after it will just contain photos!

Here's a sneak peek at the blog merchandise that'll be there!!!!

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