Happy Birthday, Mum

Some of my favourite memories of the past year with you...

January 2015

1st - board games and food at yours
3rd - Beauty and the Beast panto!
14th - Barluga and shopping!
30th - when you phoned me in my way back from London and told me I was on the front of the Chronicle. There's no one I would've rather had the news from.

February not sure why I couldn't find anything from then...

March 2015

4th - status: I would like to publicly thank Diane Wilson. Before I spoke to her I was becoming more and more unsafe. One phone call with Mum and she has me taking PRN and choosing a funny movie rather than Grey's Anatomy. I can now guarantee my guarantee my safety. It doesn't have to be Mothers Day for me to be grateful for my Mum.
15th - Mothers Day at the beach

April 2015

5th - Easter at yours

May 2015
21st - the issue of Take A Break that I was featured in was released! And we celebrated at Davanti's before buying almost all of the copies of the magazine from a newsagents!

June 2015

3rd - 5th - we only went and PARTIED AT BUCKINGHAM PALACE!!! As is tradition, things went wrong for us e.g. the hotel noise, the struggle to find a restaurant on our first night, I was sick at the loos outside of Westminster and you put a ladder in your tights on the big day! But we also, had plenty of fun and giggles! It was such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and there's no one in the world that I'd rather have shared that experience with
15th - you supported me through Dolly's op and laughed at her with me when she was out of it from the meds!
        - you gave me this beautiful ring. I like to wear it to events so that I feel like you're with me
19th - 20th - you came with me to an event planning meeting for my party and asked everything I didn't think of and ensuring I got my monies worth by making sure I got it the way I wanted it. We had food and cocktails in Browns before shopping

July 2015
8th - when I got to an event and everyone was stood in their little groups talking, you talked to me on the phone for 15mins so I didn't feel alone and until I got the courage to make friends!

August 2015

5th - your support through my first psychotic episode meant I had the strength to complete the treatment
17th - our trip to the beach where you finally got a good candid photo for me!

September 2015

4th - our prosecco celebration at mine, my cards and beautiful roses for passing the 100k mark, the only person I wanted to share that moment with
25th - your very first guest post was published on the blog! And to this day you still always ask how many views it has... 227 (at the time of writing)

October 2015
12th - indulging my craziness by celebrating Dolly's first birthday at our tea party
17th - Morpeth, when I was convinced you'd never been in Barluga and wouldn't stop taking photos of the Christmassy pieces in Rutherfords

November 2015

14th - 100k with I'm NOT Disordered - all of your contributions to the greatest night of my life. And you bargaining skills for a late check out after 2am fire evacuations'
24th - when you gave me my home-made beauty advent calendar and got every single day right!
25th - food with Steph while I played under the table with Jack!
Our Cat VS Cucumber attempt!

December 2015

Christmas - feeding the reindeers, trying to find the Blyth Christmas Market and your amazement at the basket of wool!
New Years - trying to get the words right for Auld Langs Iyne, admiring the London fireworks, and being forced to wear those silly wigs and glasses

January 2016

21st - Our girly time with Auntie Angi
Dolly's change in behaviour - you supported me in my determination and conviction that there was more to her behaviours than others thought and then you listened to me cry about it for half an hour on the phone

February 2016
My 25th Birthday- we spent it the way I wanted to and I loved all of my presents!

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