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Enhancing Patient Experience - Professionals, Patients and Power: A Paradigm Shift in Healthcare Delivery 
with Cygnet HealthCare

Below are all of the links you'll need to keep up to date with this event

The Hashtag (thought of by myself!)
type this hashtag into the search bar on Twitter and you can follow all of the tweets about the event!

I'm NOT Disordered links:
Twitter: follow @aimes_wilson to see everything I tweet at the event, including quotes and mini vlogs that you won't see anywhere else!
Instagram: aimes_wilson for edited video clips and photos
YouTube: subscribe to the channel - there's already a vlog from filming yesterday so you can check that out now! And then stay tuned for any longer interviews and chats, plus a vlog of the entire day which will go live tonight!
And obviously keep an eye out on here for a (possible) post during the lunch and refreshment breaks, as well as the final post of the event .

Cygnet links:
Twitter: follow @cygnethealth and @CygnetNurses to keep up with their official thoughts, photos, views etc
And keep an eye on for any round-ups from the IT folk and also, my guest blog piece!

Attenders and Speakers (this list will be updated throughout the day):
Below are just a few of the Twitter links for some of the speakers and those attending the event; follow them for more info on them or questions specifically towards them regarding what you've heard and/or what you've seen they have discussed via Twitter.
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