Date: Friday 6th October  

Good morning!

What time did you wake up? 


Why did you wake up at that time? 

I’ve just got a new job presenting a breakfast show on radio. It’s great, and so much fun...but it’s bloomin’ early!

Did you have a dream? 

Yup, but I can’t remember it

Do you think today will be 'good' or 'bad' day? (use your own definition of these words to answer the question) 

Definitely good - it’s a Friday! Being grumpy on a Friday is a bit scowling at a kitten - it’s impossible

What are the first three things you do after waking up? 

Press snooze on my alarm. Sleep. Press snooze again

Do you eat breakfast? If yes, what did you have? 


What would be your perfect breakfast? 

Good question! I’m trying to be vegan, so I would reckon avacado on chunky bread with good coffee 

Is there anything that you have to do today but don't particularly want to? 

Reply to emails

List five things that you do between 9am and noon. 

1. Present the breakfast show

2. Have a team meeting about the show

3. Yawn (a lot)

4. Drink coffee (a lot)

5. Strech (a lot)

Did you eat lunch? If yes, what did you eat? 

Nah, I have to have it much later

What would be your perfect lunch? 

Anything free!

List five things that you have done, said, thought, or that have happened between noon and 5pm. 

1. I have played on the Wii

2. I’ve probably moaned about something

3. I’ve probably put off something

4. I’ll probably have dropped something down my top

5. I will be convinced I’ve forgotten to do something

Do you eat dinner/tea? If yes, at what time?

Normally about 6

What do you eat?

Stir fry generally 

What would be your perfect dinner? 

I love a curry

What do you do with your evening (5-8pm)? 

Normally gigging (I’m a stand up comic)


Do you have a 'get-ready-for-bed' routine? If so, what is it? 

generally shutting down my laptop with the word ‘f**k it’ and then crawling into bed

What time do you go to sleep? 

Depending on how far away the gig has been, normally 12:3-/1am

Is this when you want to go to bed? Or is it influenced by what you're doing the following day? 

Nope! I would love to go to bed by 10

Do you share your bed? 

Yeah (with my girlfriend)

Which position do you tend to sleep in? e.g. foetus, starfish etc. 

On my side


What was your favourite part of your day? 

Going to bed

What was your least favourite? 

Getting up

Did anything happen today that you'd like to change or re-do? 

I’d make my answers here funnier

Did you 'learn' anything today? (use your own definition of this word to answer the question) 

I’m not funny at answering these questions

Are you looking forward to tomorrow? 


What do you have planned?

Going to meet some friends for a coffee and then going to an 80 year old’s birthday party - it’s the rock and roll life for me!

(NOTE: the video above, was not filmed recently!)

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