It’s a special time of year and so, to celebrate it, I wanted to do something special on I’m NOT Disordered for Christmas. I have decided to bring back the Christmassy Q&A I put together last year with the questions being from a YouTube video and have posed them to many different people from all of the country and doing all sorts of jobs, in all sorts of roles, living all kinds of lives!

So let’s kick off Day Two of 12 Days of Christmas with I'm NOT Disordered with the answers of Sergeant Ash Hopper from Northumbria Police
1. When do you start getting excited for Christmas Day?

Normally after my birthday on the 16th 😉

 2. Do you still have an advent calendar? If yes, which do you have and if no, when did you stop having them?

No, but wife and daughter have, they share sometimes (not)

 3. What are favourite Christmas movies?

Growing up it was Santa Claus The Movie with Dudley Moore as Patch the elf

4. Do you have any funny Christmas stories/memories?

Being so disappointed as a 12 year old not getting a BMX, then went into kitchen for breakfast and it was in there #magic

5. What's your typical Christmas Day?

Up early with girls before 6am, opening presents, then breakfast. Then start prepping dinner before family arrive. Full family dinner then family games and drinks 🍻

6. What do you eat for you Christmas dinner? And what is your favourite part of it?

3 meats, Turkey, beef and roast ham.

7. Do you have any Christmas traditions?

Think it’s the only day where we all sit at a very extended table.

8. What are your favourite Christmas songs?

Fairytale of New York

9. What has been your favourite Christmas present?

The annual Lynx gift set from mother-in-law or the ill fitting boxers from my mother. 

10. Do you prefer a real or fake Christmas tree?


11. This year, do you think you'd be on the naughty or nice list?


12 .  Do you prefer giving or receiving presents?

Definitely giving, nothing better than seeing my daughters faces on Christmas morning.

13. Where would be your dream place to spend Christmas?

As a one off; on the beach in Australia 

14. Are you good at wrapping presents?

Excellent, my perfectionist disorder is highlighted in wrapping presents!

15. What time do you usually get up on Christmas morning? Is this different from when you

were little?

Normally up at 6am ish, same time as when I was little

16. How old were you when you found out that Santa wasn't real? And how did you find out?

Can’t remember; guessing about 8

17. What is your dream Christmas present?

A new car

18. Have you asked for anything this year? If yes, what?

No, going to wait and see what Father Christmas brings

19. If you could spend Christmas with anyone - living or dead, celebrity or someone you know - who would it be?

My Grandad who passed away when I was a teenager
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