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(Apologies for the delay in publishing this post!)

Every week, for 2018 there will be post of what I’ve done in the book each week. And the fifth list?

List the best choices you have made in your life so far:

I found this list fairly easy because I’m at the point in my recovery journey where I can recognise all of the decisions that I’ve make – and I’m still making – to contribute to the progression through my mental health recovery. I’m no longer conscious of making the ‘right’ decisions in life because I have my passion back. My passion for life. I want to be alive so I make the choices that will have me make the most of it!

Starting to blog

Going into Cygnet Hospital Bierley

Starting Pretty Little Liars on Netflix!

Getting my cat, Dolly

Saying ‘yes’ to my husband-to-be

Getting my rabbit, Pixie

Trying Bailey’s

Buying this book!

Emailing media about my story and my blog

Starting courses with FutureLearn

Getting out of bed (every day)

Applying for my Advertising Assistant role with LEAPS

Emailing Oliver Bonas (blog post on this to come!)

Buying my first Valentino handbag!

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