1.     Activity Books – this sounds childish, but I’ve recently gotten two books from Oliver Bonas that I’d probably define as ‘activity books.’ I first purchased ’52 Lists For Happiness’ from their Euston store late last year, and was so impressed with the content: titles to make one list per week for a year. So far the titles have ranged from ‘things you’re really good at’ to ‘the best choices you’ve made.’ The book is separated into four chapters: Reflect, Acknowledge, Invest, and Transform with 12 – 13 lists in each chapter. It’s also provided excellent, regular content for I’m NOT Disordered because I’ll be posting my lists on here every week too (to see them just select the ‘Ads’ page at the top of the I’m NOT Disordered home screen). I was then, very kindly, gifted a second book from the Oliver Bonas PR Team called ‘Pick Me Up’ but I’ll be writing all about this one in a post soon so stay tuned for that!

2.     Do an Online Course – Since September 2017 I’ve been using FutureLearn ( to do some online courses. So far, I’m completed ‘Why We Post: Anthropology andSocial Media’ and ‘From Crime to Punishment.’ I’ve never been one for education, I’ve never really excelled in a classroom. But the thing is, I’ve wanted to. I have such passion for the subjects I’m interested in; social media, publicity, fashion, Law, and all things media and communications, that I have this thirst for knowledge. A thirst to learn about everything to do with these subjects. I’ll be talking more about my work with FutureLearn in a post coming soon!

3.     Write – There are some people who find writing comes naturally to them, especially when they’re in particular situations/moods. For as long as I remember, I’ve been one of those people; I’ve been a writer. I used to write short stories when I was little (something I’ve very recently begun to do again) and as I grew up I began keeping diaries; and it goes without saying that these days I write more than ever! Beginning blogging was all about writing down my journey through trauma therapy, it was for me. And then it was for the staff. And then for my family. And now it’s for everyone! I write for myself, my family, my friends, and my readers. Writing helps me and so I love to spend my time promoting it to everyone, recommending it to everyone I can reach. Writing, or blogging, gives me something to do on the days when all I’m really doing is taking my medication and devying my attention between the cat and the rabbit!
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