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(Apologies for the delay in publishing this post!)

Every week, for 2018 there will be post of what I’ve done in the book each week. And the seventh list?

List the greatest compliments and encouragement you have ever been given:

I found compiling this list a bit tricky because although I (obviously) appreciate positive feedback and find it incredibly rewarding, I believe that it's just as important to think these things of yourself. That is what really makes a difference. I also found it hard because, I think that... well in doing what I do it isn't the same as - say - someone who works in an office answering this question. I hate to sound big-headed but I get a lot of praise, compliments, and encouragement in the work that I do and through my mental health recovery so it's very difficult to remember particular people and particular quotes. Therefore this was the best I could do(!):

Everything my Mum says about me, my work, and my mental health recovery

R says I'm brave

When readers say that I've helped them

"When the sharpest words wana cut me down, gunna send a flood, gunna drown them out"

This song lyric from the Greatest Showman movie soundtrack came into my head whilst writing this post and I realised that actually, in my life, it has been the insults, the negative, and discriminating comments, that shape our life, and happiness.

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