Name: Aimee   
Age: 28
Location: Northumberland, UK

Why did you agree to take part in this Q&A?

I figured that if I was going to ask others to take part then I should probably complete one myself.

At what age do you think you first began to take notice of your body image?


What made you take notice?

I began being bullied for being so ‘thin.’ I was called a ‘bag of bones’ and told that I’d never find a boyfriend.

Would you say that your thoughts on your body image began as positive or negative?


Why do you think that was?

Because I was being bullied.

How have your thoughts on your body image changed over time?

They’ve been up and down – just like my weight. Sometimes I’m confident about it and sometimes I cry over it.

In what way do you think your thoughts on your body image impact your mental health?

When I’m feeling confident, I inevitably feel a lot more positive and happier.

What do you think about the media’s portrayal of body image?

There seems to be more press these days around body positivity though. Promoting the ‘curvy’ body size/shape and shaming ‘ridiculous’ diets. But there’s still a lot of publicity and pressure for women – especially – to be as ‘thin’ as possible.

If you could say one thing (about body image) to people, what would it be?

Life’s too short – you won’t look back and remember all those times you chose kale salad over a McDonalds! You will remember a crazy night-in with your friends, wine, and a takeaway!
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