I was honoured to be asked to film with NTW for their film about 'hope.'

Both versions of the films can be viewed at
It is generally accepted that hope plays a crucial part in recovery from mental illness. The film came from Peer Support Workers looking at how we connect with people at a time when we feel that we have lost hope. Something Peer Support workers do on a day to day basis. We wanted to explore how we help people see that others have been through similar experiences and felt hopeless, however have found a way back. It is hoped, this film will be a powerful tool to anyone in finding hope, whether that be as a person experiencing mental ill health themselves, or a person’s friend or family member. 

The trust employs 36 peer support workers who, using their own lived experience of mental illness work with others to support those using mental health services to help people work out how to best manage their recovery. Peer support workers help support aspects of a person’s life that give meaning, hope, value and purpose. 

The peer support workers were keen to get messages on film that are regularly shared and it is hoped by using a film, this will be as accessible and as easily shared as possible. By making a film it means that the resource is always there, 24/7 for anyone, anywhere in the world that needs it. 

To produce the film, a number of experts by experience, who were carers, service users and peer support workers were asked three main questions in a semi structured and filmed interview, which offered the basis for a conversation around hope. The three questions being: Can you remember a time when you had no hope or struggled to see hope? Can you remember a time when you found hope? Knowing now, what you know, what would you tell yourself at that time of no hope? The producers were aiming to demonstrate real people at times of despair so people struggling to find or engage with hope could connect with the people and then see how hope effected people’s lives from there. 

As the film was always about the participants, the narratives the participants gave directed the film and thus, the film directed itself. Participants were not actually involved in the production process for this film however that might change for any future films. 

Both versions of the films can be viewed at
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