This post is in collaboration with my ultimate favourite shop for goodies – Pets At Home!

My Mum did a Christmas Wishlist first (which you can read here) and then my bunny sister Pixie (who’s from Pets At Home) wrote her Wishlist (which you can read here); and now it’s my turn! And because this is a special post with Pets At Home, I’ve wrote down all of my reasons for wanting these special, Christmassy items in the hope that someone will buy them all for me!

Also, wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone at Willows Cat Adoption Centre; who are the reason I’m able to celebrate Christmas this year after saving my life from being found wandering the streets at only a few weeks old!

Mum says this present is too big for Santa’s sleigh and that I don’t need it because I have a scratch post that isn’t very old but I told her that this is a WISHlist and that means I can put all of the items I could only wish for! The gifts I dream about finding under our 6ft Christmas tree that I constantly attempt to dismantle!

Climb & Perch Cat Scratch Post £75

I then picked out some treats because Mum says she usually gets lots of chocolate at Christmas time. You might notice that a few of them have catnip in… what can I say? I’m addicted!

Tuna & Catnip Fish Cat Treats £2
Yoghurt & Catnip Cat Treats £2.50
Duck Bite Star Cat Treats £2 

Mum bought this for her Mum’s cat, and I managed to hunt it out from the box under the bed because it had catnip in it! But Mum said that I still can’t have it(!) because I have to learn that I can’t have everything I want!

Tinsel Mouse Cat Toy £3

I’ve never had a treat dispenser before! I like the idea of being rewarded for playing by having treats AND you could put my Christmas treats in it! ALSO! Look at the cute little nose on it!

Snowman Treat Dispenser £3

I heard a nasty rumour that Santa isn’t real… if that were true then why would Pets At Home make Christmas toys for Cats shaped exactly like him?!

Santa Cat Toy £3

I’ve not had a vibrating toy before, so I’d be excited to see what I make of this one! I also like the feathers and that it’s my favourite Reindeer; Rudolph!

Vibro Reindeer Cat Toy £3

I’m constantly getting in trouble for scratching at the settee and other furniture because Mum says that’s what my scratch post is for and that I should be using that. If it had a Reindeer on it maybe I’d be much more likely to use it…?

Reindeer Door Hanging Cat Scratching Board £6

Mum always talks about how Winter is all about getting cosy in your pjs and blankets and this Santa Hat looks so snuggly that I don’t think I’d ever want to come out of it! … Maybe for food…? Yeah! I’d come out for food!!

Santa Hat Tunnel £10

Well this was an obvious one! My Mum has TWO advent calendars this year; one full of chocolate and one with beauty products; so even though she’s already bought me one, I think I should be allowed this one too!

Lily’s Kitchen Christmas Spectacular Cat Advent Calendar £10 

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