Originally, this was going to be a Valentines post but there’s now something VERY special planned with Cats Protection (if you’re a cat owner and would like to be involved in the collab, drop me an email or message on any of my social media!) so that’s V Day sorted! So, instead, I decided to use this post as the perfect opportunity to collaborate with another amazing organization; Comfy Fox Co.

I first came across this store a few weeks ago when the owner; Kerene, added me after a friend of my best-friend saw she was struggling with her mental health and told her about I’m NOT Disordered. Firstly, I was honoured that this friend felt my blog was good enough to advise someone check it out; and when I found that Kerene had a shop (Comfy Fox Co.) and saw some of her amazing products, I was even more grateful for the recommendation!
Before my blog’s popularity grew, I was so overly critical of myself that I don’t think I ever felt that I deserved anything nice or rewarding in my life. A part of that was because for a large time, I blamed myself for the abuse; I thought that I’d done something wrong to have brought it on myself; that maybe it was because I’d started wearing make-up or it was karma in some way. After a lot of psychology and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy session, though, I was able to turn this belief around and see that actually, the only person deserving of any blame around the abuse, is my abuser.

However, even after I’d turned my belief around; I struggled to accept anything good in my life and often thought that it was some sort of test; as though having something good happen was a prompt that I should be a better person and that I should do better in order to deserve the good things in my life. Fortunately, though, I’m NOT Disordered came along and I felt that I had found the perfect opportunity for me to prove my worth and put a lot of effort into something that could help others. 

As the popularity grew – and so did the chance that my blog was helping readers – I found that I was putting more and more time and work into the content I was producing. Doing this really made me feel more deserving as I achieved more in landing collaborations and partnerships with important organizations, receiving invitations to speak at events and meetings, and being sent products to help publicize and review.

I’m NOT Disordered hasn’t just taught me that I’m deserving of good things though, it’s also helped me to see that sometimes you have to put yourself first in life rather than always worrying about others and concentrating on making someone else happy. I think it’s a balancing act though; because helping others can make you feel good about yourself; it’s just about making sure that you aren’t doing it at some cost to yourself. That you aren’t staying up late to support a friend on the phone when you’re actually really tired and have to be up early. When you think about it, it’s a bit of a circle really, because you can’t support that friend properly if all you’re thinking about is your bed! 

Now that I’ve learnt that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with prioritizing yourself, I’m eager to find brands/products that support this and make it easier to do. Here’s my favourite ten:

1.       A good journal that can be used as an outlet for your thoughts or to remind yourself of the positives in life when you’re struggling

Comfy Fox Journal : £12.99 

2.       A soothing colouring book that can momentarily distract you from your stresses and worries

‘Inspirational Quotes’ Colouring book : £4.99 

3.       A good book that can be motivational and inspirational

Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig : £5.96

4.       A good night’s sleep 

Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Sleeping Bag Gift Set : £15.00

5.       Comfortable clothing for chilling out on the settee at home and watching Netflix

Honeycomb White & Gold Slipper Socks : £11.00

6.       A lovely scent to fill the room with a calming, serene atmosphere

Chamomile Wax Melts : £2.99


7.       Fancy beauty products that can be distracting to apply, and comforting to experience

Connock London Kukui Oil Polish & Glow Gift Set : £65.00 

8.       A feel-good movie that’s entertaining, positive, and motivational

The Greatest Showman : £6.99 

9.       A calming and soothing drink that will help you to focus

Twinnings Superblends Focus : £2.69

10.   A feel-good song that has a good, positive, motivational message

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