Every two weeks from June 1st until August 24th 2020, Time To Change will be giving those who have signed up to StoryCamp, a theme to use as inspiration to create content on. This fortnight, the theme is ‘three things…’ and I couldn’t decide on one topic I’d like you to know three things about so here are thirteen…!!

Three Things You Should Know About Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

1.       Having the same diagnosis does not mean everyone with BPD has the same symptoms.

2.       Those diagnosed with BPD are not attention seekers

3.       Even mental health staff have a stigma against those with BPD

Three Things You Should Know About Being Sectioned

1.       It feels like you have a sign on your head telling everyone you’re detained under the Mental Health Act

2.       It’s not the end of the world – even though it may feel like it

3.       You still have rights

Three Things You Should Know About Self-Harm

1.       It comes in all different forms

2.       Self-harming doesn’t always require hospitalization

3.       It’s done for a number of reasons

Three Things You Should Know About Abuse & Rape

1.       Reporting it is one of the strongest, bravest things you can do

2.       No one ever deserves it

3.       It can make you stronger

Three Things You Should Know About Psychiatric Medication

1.       Sometimes how helpful they are, is worth the side-effects

2.       Different doses of the same medication can help different symptoms

3.       Being prescribed them can be such a difficult process

Three Things You Should Know About Being In A Psychiatric Hospital

1.       Not everyone is as poorly as each other

2.       You don’t have to be sectioned to be an inpatient

3.       Don’t believe all the stories you hear about them

Three Things You Should Know About Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

1.       It’s the recommended therapy for someone with BPD

2.       It takes time and practice for DBT coping skills to come naturally to you

3.       DBT is all about learning new, healthy, and safe coping skills for behaviours that are usually the exact opposite

Three Things You Should Know About Suicide

1.       Feeling suicidal does not mean the person will attempt suicide

2.       In 2018, suicides rose by 10.9%

3.       Men are three times more likely than women to die by suicide

Three Things You Should Know About Supporting Someone With A Mental Illness

1.       Empathy can go a long way

2.       You may never completely understand what the other person is experiencing

3.       It’s normal to feel inadequate

Three Things You Should Know About Being A Mental Health Blogger

1.       It takes a lot of hard work and dedication

2.       You’re in charge of deciding the goals for your blog – you can make it into whatever you want!

3.       No matter how many readers you get, you’ll face challenges

Three Things You Should Know About Mental Health Recovery

1.       It isn’t linear; it doesn’t mean you’ll never struggle again, and that life will be perfect!

2.       A person might be on psychiatric medication whilst they’re in recovery

3.       A person can go into recovery for a number of different reasons

Three Things You Should Know About Speaking Up About Mental Health

1.       It takes strength and courage

2.       You should make sure that you have support around you in case you find it triggering

3.       It can be less challenging if you’re in control of it

Three Things You Should Know About Unemployment & Mental Health

1.       Being unemployed is not something to be ashamed of

2.       Being unable to work due to your mental health is not a sign of weakness or failure

3.       Unemployment can be a huge factor in a person’s mental health deteriorating 

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