This year, for World Suicide Prevention Day, I’ve written a post for LEAPS (the group I chair) on their website: but I still wanted some content for I’m NOT Disordered. My piece for LEAPS talks a lot about my suicide attempts and so I thought that in this post, maybe I’d concentrate on some of the many things  (in no particular order) that have saved my life…

Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust

(including the Psychiatric Liaison Team and the Crisis Team)

I’d like to thank my local mental health NHS Trust for four things:

1.      Not being afraid or ashamed to recognize that their service had become inadequate in supporting those with the diagnosis of a Personality Disorder

2.      Providing me with incredible care once they were more adequately equipped

3.      Believing that I could have a happy and successful future

4.      Putting in so much effort to save my life when I was putting effort in to end it

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

I’d like to thank my local NHS healthcare Trust for two things:

1.      Going to drastic measures to ensure I had a future when I didn’t want one

2.      Believing that I should be treat as equal to someone who doesn’t have a mental illness

Northumbria Police

I’d like to thank my local Police force for two things:

1.      Using so many of their resources to find me when I didn’t want to be found

2.      Recognizing the need to improve Officer’s training in mental health in order to better the response they provide

Richmond Fellowship

I’d like to thank the provider of my Support Worker for two things:

1.      Dedicating their time to me

2.      Never judging me for self-harming or attempting suicide

My Mum

I’d like to thank my Mum for four things:

1.      Fighting for my life when I had no fight left in me

2.      Never giving up hope that I would recover

3.      Telling me that she loves me every single day

4.      Being so inspirational with her passion and determination for life

Cygnet Healthcare

I’d like to thank the provider of my long-term inpatient admission to the specialist psychiatric hospital for four things:

1.      Providing me with the most incredible Psychiatrist (I’ve never met a single one that would come anywhere near her level of kindness) in Doctor Andrada

2.      Allowing me the chance to meet such an incredible Nurse and person who I’ll count as a friend for life in my Key Nurse, Debbie

3.      Giving me the opportunity to talk about the abuse in a safe and helpful environment

4.      Teaching me new safe and healthy coping skills from Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

My pets

I’d like to thank my calico kitten; Emmy, and my lop-eared Lionhead bunny; Pixie for four things:

1.      Being unapologetically themselves

2.      Loving me when I have no love for myself

3.      Sitting outside the bathroom door the entire time I’m in there crying

4.      Grounding me when I’m floating off into dissociation

Cats Protection

I’d like to thank this incredible organisation for two things:

1.      Believing in my writing skills in allowing me the opportunity to write the Calico Catch-Up column

2.      Saving so many cats so that they can help someone as much as the cats in my life have helped me
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