I like to promote that caring about gifts doesn’t make a person ‘superficial’ or ‘materialistic’ – it can actually mean the opposite and be about the pure thought that’s gone into the gift, or the benefits it will have on a person’s life/mental health. So, I’m very honoured to be collaborating with again for this piece, which was inspired by my trawl through their site for gifts for my best-friends Birthday next week!

Personalised Couple Print: from £4.50 by The Design Parlour

Custom Necklace: £15.00 by J S Charm Jewellery

Personalised Hip Flask and Shot Glasses Set: from £20.49 by Vault Gifts

Gay Couple Print: from £4.50 by The Design Parlour

Personalised Bottle Opener: £6.99 by Bee Creative Online

Family Print: from £7.19 by The Design Parlour

Personalised Embroidered Hoodie: from £29.69 by Santina Embroidery

Personalised Pint Glass: £25.00 by Dust and Things

Birthday Best friend Print: from £6.74 by The Design Parlour

Friends Crackers: from £6.99 by Framous Brick

Best friend Necklace: £20.68 by Friend Love Gifts

Personalised Jewellery Box: £9.99 by The Personal Touch X

Birthday Cakesicle Box: £15.99 by Eszters Kitchen

Wooden Keepsake: £7.95 by Wall Frog Graphics

Bestie Candle: from £2.49 by Tuli Candle Co.

Engraved Wine Box: from £6.99 by Dust and Things

Personalised Nursery Prints: from £8.99 by The Design Parlour

Personalised Wooden Train Set: from £6.00 by Letteroom

Personalised Mini Figure: £11.45 by Bricky McBrickface

Personalised Chocolate Block: £11.95 by Choccablock Gifts

Personalised Wooden Stacking Block: £22.99 by The Honey Pot Laser

Birthday Keepsake Book: £26.95 by My Given Name

Girls Gift Set: £17.99 by My Favourite Box

Personalised Children’s Birthday Bag: from £7.50 by Loved By Jacob

Mum Print: from £4.49 by The Design Parlour

Spa Gift Box: £12.50 by Postal Prezzies

Personalised Family Pebble Picture: from £25.15 by Daisy Maison

Artificial Floral Bouquet: from £25.00 by Little Bettys Gifts

Birthday Apron: £16.00 by Jolly Good Tees

Luxury Afternoon Tea: £25.95 by Bettys Boxes Co.

Book Gift Box: £7.50 by Sparkly Stars Bookshop

Personalised Cooking Notebook: from £13.56 by Letter Fest

Raspberry Cupcakes for Rabbits: from £5.00 by Fluffy Creature Ltd

Personalised Cat Toy: £6.95 by Sew Beelt Store

Dog Birthday Box: from £12.99 by Mr Bobbettes

Cat Condo: £24.99 by Cardboard Kustomz

Personalised Dog Toy: £6.95 by Sew Beelt Store

Pet Bespoke Birthday Cake: £24.95 by Perfect Pet Gift Boxes

Personalised Pet Bowl: £15.00 by On Point Printing

Birthday Bandana: £9.00 by The T Bird

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