So, in my last two posts (here and here) I talked about how my mental health has taken a massive nose dive since February, when I relapsed in my recovery. I have been sectioned and admitted to a psychiatric hospital (Lowry Ward - Acute Admission Ward (Newcastle) - CNTW049 - Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust), restrained, given medical treatment against my will, sedated, and put under the care of the two most advanced, specialist teams in my local mental health NHS Trust (CNTW) – the ‘Step Up team’ and the Crisis Team! So, I really wanted to put together a more positive and useful post…

When your mental health is poorly it can very simply and understandably be challenging to put any thought into doing the things that will make you feel better because you can be almost automatically convinced and 100% certain that nothing will help or make even the slightest bit of a positive difference. However, from doing Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) I have become more able to recognise the things that I find helpful when my mental health is deteriorating.

In blogging about these things, however, I actually used to really struggle with talking about them because I was so worried that I would be negatively judged for it. I was certain that others – upon finding out that I find doing things like my make-up and my nails useful – would very likely be thinking either ‘she can’t be that poorly if something like that can help,’ or ‘how superficial is she?!’ But eventually, I have come to recognise that – on the whole – it’s beneficial to talk more about the things that help our mental health because it can actually end up helping someone else. Your thoughts on the useful activities you do when you’re struggling, can become encouragement for others to either try them too, or to put more focus and recognition into practicing or utilising the things they find most beneficial more often.

So, with that hope and goal in mind, I thought I’d put together this more positive, productive, and helpful piece completely focused on the digital things that are proving to be beneficial for managing my mental health and for encouraging me to stay as safe as possible and continue engaging with the support provided by CNTW…


Favourite Apps:

For takeaway treats (usually McDonald’s or Pizza): Just Eat and Uber Eats

For distraction and a bit of escapism: The Sims Freeplay

For documenting the relapse through photo and video editing: Moldiv

For mental health: Stay Alive App - Grassroots Suicide Prevention (


Retail Therapy:

Valentino Zip Around Wallet in Pink: £59.00

Multi Stone Pendent Design in Gold: £13.00

Pimkie Knee-High Boot: £51.00

NARS Bronzing Powder: £19.00

Real Techniques Mini Brush Set: £20.00

Elegant Touch False Nails: £6.50

Weekend Collective Sweatshirt: £28.00

Ted Baker Heart Rock Bracelet: £40.00

Satin Crab Print Pyjama Set: £28.00

e.l.f Liquid Eyeshadow: £6.00

Babyliss Curve and Wave Trio: £75.00


11 Favourite Instagram Accounts:

1.       For the OG of Online Influencers: Zoë Sugg (@zoesugg) | Instagram

2.       For holidays, food, and activities for children from my best friend: Sophie Bolam (@sophiebolam) | Instagram

3.       For details and tips on mental health and the services in my locality: CNTWNHS (@cntw.nhs) | Instagram

4.       For toddler/child advice and home improvements from my best friend: lauren (@lauren.greenteaplease) | Instagram

5.       For inspirational – and sometimes devastating – reels/video content: The Dodo (@thedodo) | Instagram

6.       For luxury fashion and beauty branded content: Victoria Magrath (@victoria) | Instagram

7.       For content on Bipolar and supporting a loved one with a mental illness from my best friend: Martin Baker (@marty_at_gumonmyshoe) | Instagram

8.       For incredibly random, but hilarious talking Parrott video clips(!): Einstein Talking Texan Parrot (@einsteinparrot) | Instagram

9.       For all things cat related: Cats Protection 🐈 (@catsprotection) | Instagram

10.   For general mental health information, advice, and support: Mind (@mindcharity) | Instagram

11.   For some beautiful and really cute bunny pics and videos: The Bunnyjackpot Sanctuary Bunnies 💗 (@bunnyjackpot) | Instagram


Favourites on Spotify inc Playlists, Albums, & Songs:

Most nostalgic playlist: Top Hits of 2007 | Spotify Playlist

Most emotional song: How to Save a Life - song and lyrics by The Fray | Spotify

Most favourite Album: Ed Sheeran: + | Spotify Album

Most uplifting song: I'm Good (Blue) - song and lyrics by David Guetta | Spotify

Favourite playlist of my own: Party Playlist - playlist by Aimee Wilson | Spotify

Current stuck-in-my-head song: I'll Be Waiting - song and lyrics by Cian Ducrot | Spotify


Best Items You Can Buy Online for Self-Soothing:

Clinique Cleansing Balm: £11.00

Chunky Slider Slipper in Peach and Pink: £14.00

UGG Cable Knit Socks: £25.00

Kitsch Satin Eye Mask: £14.50

Vera Wang Princess 30ml: £42.00

Silent Night Electric Blanket: £30.00

Tisserand Restore Balance Pulse Point Rollerball: £8.00

Wireless Over-Ear Headphones: £29.74

Harry Potter Boxed Set by J K Rowling: £42.65

Lumin Clarifying Body Wash: £4.80

Vegan Natural Soy Candle: £15.95


Favourite Buys on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, & Disney Plus:

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary – Return to Hogwarts: £13.99

The Greatest Showman

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I Am A Killer


8 Mile

Patriot’s Day

Whitehouse Down

COMING SOON FAVOURITE: Watch Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All | Disney+ (


Favourite Seasons on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, & Disney Plus:

Pretty Little Liars – Season 6: £14.99

The Hills – Season 1: £24.90

Grey’s Anatomy – Season 7

iZombie – Season 3

Stranger Things – Season 1

Lost – Season 1

Scream Queens – Season 1

The Best Online Resources for Mental Health Coping Skills:

21 Therapy Interventions and Techniques to Apply Today (

What can I do to help myself cope - Mind

Helpful coping strategies - MindWell (

12 Coping Skills to Try the Next Time You’re Feeling Crappy (

Mental Health Coping Skills: What, When, and Why — Purple Sky Counseling


11 Favourite Pinterest Quotes:

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