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Welcome to Blogmas Unboxed!!

I don’t care how stereotypical I’m about to sound, but I literally and honestly can’t believe the launch/December 1st is finally here! Cleo (owner of Etsy store; Phoenix Cove) and I have actually been working on this year’s Blogmas series since the beginning of August! And being as open and honest as I am on my blog, it’s been incredibly difficult and challenging not to spill the beans about the entire series in our Halloween reveal (which you can read here) earlier in the year! So, this introductory post is a huge relief and it’s a real pleasure to finally be able to publish it and see the reactions, opinions, thoughts, and feelings of my readers and Cleo’s customers. We’ve both worked so incredibly hard on this series, so we truly hope you enjoy every moment as much as we have enjoyed putting it all together! So, we’re kicking things off with this post full of mental health advice for this festive period…

 Gifts & Budgeting:

1.       Don’t feel bad if a friend buys you a gift and you haven’t given one to them, if they really are your friend then this won’t matter – you shouldn’t give, in order to receive.

2.       Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to say that you need to budget an allotted amount which might vary depending upon who you’re gifting – everyone is aware of the Cost-of-Living crisis.

3.       Suggest an affordable, festive day out with a friend that might be less costly than buying gifts and can leave you with some special memories rather than an empty box or sweet wrapper.

4.       If you find math and budgeting tricky, try sitting down with someone you trust who might be better knowledgeable and able to help you manage your bills whilst also engaging in activities.

5.       If you’re creative, try your hand at gifting loved ones with handmade items that can help keep you feeling productive, can provide an outlet for the creativity, and mean a smaller budget.



1.       No family is perfect – remind yourself of this if arguments and dramatic interactions are getting in the way of enjoying family visits, festive activities, and adventures together.

2.       If Christmas means time off work for you, make sure you make the most of it by balancing spending quality time with loved ones who you might typically struggle to see with ‘me-time!’

3.       If you have another half, consider gifting each other with some sort of activity or experience that you can do together rather than a materialistic present that might end up broken!

4.       Utilise this fun, exciting, and joyful occasion as a big inspiration and motivation to spend some light, innocent time with the young people and children in your life.

5.       Let yourself get caught up in the celebration aesthetic that is rife amongst Christmastime and utilise it as an opportunity to pay gratitude to those whose support you value and appreciate.


Specific mental illness symptoms:

1.       Know that it’s not unusual to struggle even more with your thoughts and feelings around food at Christmas; but be persistent in reminding yourself that this is just the exact same length as any other month, week, or day – and if you can get through those, then you can get through this too!

2.       Don’t be too afraid or totally taken aback if any hallucinations or psychotic thoughts and beliefs escalate; this can be a likely possibility and/or a direct result of this festive period because there is such an enormous use of imagination and incredibly far-fetched stories that it can almost sub-consciously rub off on your own sense of reality.

3.       If you begin to experience – or find that which is already there, increases – suicidal thoughts and feelings, don’t be afraid that speaking out about it will ‘spoil’ the entire festivities for everyone and deem that to be a reason or rationale not to seek professional help and support.

To finish up, I just wanted to say a massive thank you and well done to Cleo – it took me forever to find my footing in Blogmas and you’ve just absolutely sailed through and faced any challenges head on in an amazingly inspirational way! You were born to be all that you are and all that you do!                              

 Well, we hope this has been a good kick-off point for Blogmas 2023 and that you look forward to tomorrow’s post…

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