I've had such a good Saturday! I had my sleeping tablet last night so I got to have a decent nights' sleep and after taking my morning meds I slept 'til 1pm. I went on my local leave with one of the staff and I was really nervous because even though I'd given her the 'sorry' card for our argument on her last shift, we still hadn't talked about me getting my unescorted leave back. The first I thing I said was 'well...' and she said 'you got unescorted leave... I don't know what to say!' I told her to say something and she agreed that they need to take the risk and it'll be down to me too to take some responsibility and not ask to go out if I think I'm going to run off. We went to Asda and I bought some food then we sat in McDonalds for a bit, ate and chatted. I'd bought a hair dye and she was checking how I dye my hair then when we realised we had different methods she agreed to do it for me so we came back to the Hospital early. When I got in my bedroom my pink Jellycat bunny was missing and there was an A4 printout with a black and white picture of one in the middle that read; 'I have bunny-napped your rabbit and she is being held hostage. She is safe... For now!! To have her returned to you safely you must bring the staff lots of chocolate and you must do the funky chicken dance around the ward!!! Love from... The bunny-napper XXX' I knew straight-away which staff it was because they'd been joking around yesterday saying my bedroom door had been open and they'd been tempted to take it. I finally managed to get it back off them and then when a nurse was dying my hair in my en-suite I heard my door open and an NA shouted that she was just checking I was ok. I thought she was on obs but when I didn't hear her leave I opened the bathroom door to check and saw her and another nurse looking suspicious then the Nurse made a quick escape as I went to check my bunny was still there. And lo and behold; it wasn't!! There was another note saying 'I'm sorry I've left you again but I've realised that I liked the bunny-napper more.... Goodbye, Pink Bunny xxx' Then I was sat on my bed on my laptop waiting for my hair dye to take when another note was pushed through my door and I burst out laughing - it had a picture of two rabbits with suitcases and it said 'Just a quick note to let you know that I'm ok. I miss you... a little bit but I'm afraid the kidnapper is much nicer. I'll send you a postcard. Love, Miss Bunny xxx' I managed to get the bunny back by following a member of staff into the office and taking it off the windowsill before staff even realised I'd sneaked in! 

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