The One Where I visited A&E

These past 24hours have been pretty horrendous! My stomach pain got really bad by about midnight so I had to have paracetamol and tramadol but I was vomiting and the pain wasn't getting better. The staff thought it was because I might've vomited up the painkillers so they gave me another tramadol but then my blood pressure was high, my pulse was racing and my temperature was raised so they called the on-call Doctor and at about 3am one of the staff drove me and a female Nursing Assistant (NA) in a hospital vehicle to A&E. I was happy they were taking things seriously and doing something about the pain because I was so tired and fed up with the fact there was absolutely no position that was more comfortable. As well, even though I've got a history of ovarian cysts, I've had stomach pain since being in here and when I was admitted at the local medical hospital the scan was normal so the staff could've easily said last night that they weren't taking me back because they hadn't found anything last time but they knew it was genuine.
I booked in at A&E reception and was sent straight to triage and then after a urine sample I was rushed through to a cubicle. The triage nurse was lovely and seemed to really care and was interested in me being at the psych hospital. No judgement, which was nice and I know that's how it should be but it just isn't. They gave me Co-Codomol which is horrible because when I've overdosed in the past it's usually been on over-the-counter Co-Codomol so it really triggered those memories and I started retching! I thought I'd never be able to swallow them! The NA with me kept me amused with her ridiculous oompa-loompa dancing and we chatted while waiting for the Doctor. He felt my stomach and said it didn't feel like a twisted cyst and it wasn't my appendix but that I'd burst a cyst on my ovaries. So, he said I'd probably be in pain for three days and gave the staff a letter to say I should have my obs done every four hours, which painkillers I should have regularly, to give me Oromorph if it gets worse and if it still got worse to come back in to be admitted to the gynae ward for surgery to drain the fluid. We got back on the ward for 7am and I tried to get to sleep before the day staff started waking everyone up, I got my morning meds and got permission to miss groups today then had some toast and went to bed.
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