My Fast Heart Rate

So, once again I find myself in the midst of a medical drama. My best-friend was saying the other day she's never met anyone who had so many problems and especially cuz they're all genuine!
Every Sunday morning, the staff take our physical obs and for the past 5 or 6 weeks, my pulse has been high (between 110 and 120) for no apparent reason. Last week, I fainted and fell down a flight of stairs and in A&E they were reluctant to let me go because my heart rate remained high even after my pain was under control. So, our doctor referred me to the GP and I went on Tuesday. He started off with "do you know why you're here?" "yes, my heart rate." And then he said "you know, most people in the position and place you're in often get anxious and that makes their heart go a little bit fast; that's probably all it is."
"That's not what's going on" I'd retorted and he picked up a monitor and suggested putting it on for my pulse since I didn't look anxious so he thought it'd be fine. . . 147. He then checked it manually and then listened to my chest and concluded "yes; it's definitely ticking away there!"

He asked a ton of questions about how it feels and if I smoke or drink and then he wrote a 'plan.'
1. To have my pulse checked three times a day for a week
2. To have an ECG
3. To have blood tests
4. To consider a referral to Cardiology
5. To consider beta-blockers
6. To keep off caffeinated products
7. If I become symptomatic then I should be urgently reviewed
8. And to review my usual meds
A nurse had four attempts to find a vein and failed, then yesterday I felt like there was a pressure on my chest and that I couldn't get my breath, I had my inhaler and lay in bed. The Nurse came and did an ECG then later that night when she tried again to take blood she told me that my ECG had showed prolonged QT intervals. I asked her if I should worry and she said 'no' but I still went to the girls to get their reassurances.
This morning, I woke up feeling like I'd had no sleep whatsoever. My heart rate was 145. And then it was Ward Round and they said the doctor would speak to the Cardiology department at the local medical hospital. And then, my Consultant said that I couldn't go home this weekend. I suggested just going for the day and with a qualified nurse so that it'd be the same as just being here "except they wouldn't have a de-fib" my Consultant added. I left the meeting but went back in tears and asked them to reconsider their decision on my home leave and explained how it felt like a punishment. If I'd self-harmed or been put on five minute obs I would've lost that leave. I've done nothing wrong but I still lose it. And I understand that they're looking after my medical health too but I wish they would try and see how it comes across as a punishment.
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