The Rabbit Boggarts

So, in Reflection, there was a ton of bunnies running around the floor in the middle of the sitting room and at first I was so scared, shocked and frightened but then I thought about it... In Harry Potter when they face a boggart and it transforms into what they fear the most they imagine it doing something funny and it turns into that. And I thought about how these rabbits are hallucinations so it's my brain's fault which should mean I can control them. I shut my eyes, imagined it and when I opened them the rabbits had roller skates on and little funny hats. Now, I know if you're reading this with no real experience of anything to do with mental health then you might be a bit 'alarmed' but in the grand scheme of things; this is progress. This is recovery. And after a chat with my Mum getting me excited for the Home Leave I finally feel like the little seeds of doubt are gone and the happiness it building back up.
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