The First Unescorted Overnight

This weekend was my first overnight drop-off Home Leave because on my last two overnights the staff have stayed in a near-by B&B.
They'd potted all my meds up the day before but when we got to my house the staff realised the pharmacy bag lots of the meds were in was wet, when she gave it to my Mum she thought to check inside and the pot containing my anti-depressant (liquid form) was cracked and there was no liquid left inside. So, we had to ring the ward and they had to get onto a pharmacy near us to give me the meds. I was a bit nervous for going to the pharmacy because it's one that I often used to buy my OD tablets from and I also had to go there regularly to actually take me meds supervised by them. But as it happened, when we went in one of the ladies on the till recognised me and she said I was looking really well and that I've worked hard so that was lovely. I told my Mum it had been helpful to prove to me that even when you predict a situation to turn out badly you should still push yourself to do it because it could be amazing.
We got the bus into the nearest city centre and we went to my first Christmas market! I bought some lovely brownies at a stall and then we looked at the Christmas window in Fenwicks. My Mum had some money for me to pick things for Christmas so we hit Primark! I managed to get the three things I wanted in there too; fake tan, a new hair brush and something for my own place when I'm discharged. By the time we'd been through all four floors of the newly refurbished Primark I was shattered and it was almost the evening. We went to two more shops then got the bus home. I went and had a lovely bath (I only use the shower here) and then I got a kebab and we watched a film before I headed to bed. I'd been written up for 2 units of alcohol but I wasn't too fussed when it came down to it; I was having a lovely time without it.
I had the best sleep I've had in a long time; no dreams - not even the recurrent one! And my bed was so comfy! I didn't realise how hard the Hospital ones are until I spent the night in mine!
In the morning I had to remind myself that this Hospital admission hadn't just been a dream and I liked that it was actually a good thing to realise it was real because it meant I wasn't back in my old life with the constant SH and ODs.
I put up my pink Christmas tree in my bedroom and we popped into the town centre and I bought some house things at a really good sale and another craft set from Wilkinsons! And then we decorated the Christmas tree in the sitting room and played a game before the staff came for me. I managed to get back by having a nap and listening to my music so I didn't take any PRN the entire weekend!
Hopefully this means I've earned my leave for Christmas... Will find out tomorrow in Ward Round! Fingers crossed :)

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