To support #TimeToTalk I will be....

I have put a lot of thought into this because as you all know, I'm volunteering with Time To Change on Saturday for the Leeds Experience at White Rose ( or for more details on the event) and I was determined that wouldn't be my only contribution to the campaign. So I put some thought into what I could do as I'm on Home Leave until Friday and will be celebrating my Mum's Birthday on Time to Talk Day!
So, tomorrow I will be tweeting a heck of a lot! Not just any tweets though; mental health related tweets. Personal ones. If one of my auditory hallucinations is speaking, I'll tweet it. If I'm arguing with them; I'll tweet it. If I have an irrational thought, I'll tweet it. If I have a memory, I'll tweet it. This isn't for sympathy or as a 'look at me' type thing. This is to show people that some people don't just talk about mental health one day a year because they're going through it constantly. Living it. And also, to show that it is ok to talk about mental health; it's part of life.

So, to follow my tweeting live follow me here:

and if you don't have Twitter then don't despair, I plan on putting all of the tweets from the entire 24hours into a blog post so you can read everything here!

Please have a little think if there's anything you can do to support the campaign; you don't have to go out of your way because, as the campaign shows; the littlest things sometimes make the biggest difference.

P.S. if you frequent the blog often, you might notice we've made a few additions to the left in the form of supportive buttons to Time To Change. So a click on them will send you straight to their site :)
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