Happy 21st Birthday Chelsea!!!

Today I'd like to wish a very special person a happy birthday! If you've been following the blog for a while now then you'll know that my best-friend is a girl I met in this Hospital almost two years ago; Chelsea. You'll also know that she's been transferred to a step-down ward back near her home (about a two hour drive from the Hospital I'm still in and about a five hour drive from my actual home with my Mum!) but we've still managed to see each other a few times and we literally speak every day. I have never had a friend where our relationship has withstood so many tests. We both said that things wouldn't change when she was moved and we've stuck to that because our pinkie promises mean more than anyone could ever know.
Chelsea has been through a lot in her little life; her strength has been tested too many times but her beauty (both inside and out) has shone through. It's so refreshing to have someone like Chels in my life. She sees the beauty in the smallest of things, even when there's a dark and scary corner nearby, she's still focusing on the positive. Chelsea is such an inspiration; she can have the shittest of days - like, something that would knock back even the strongest of people, but Chelsea will get through it and still manage to say 'tomorrow is a new day.'  She makes me think 'if Chels can still be alive then so can I!' And she's one of the two people (my Mum is the other) who I'm excited to share my future with. I can't wait to continue making memories and sharing experiences with her.
So Chelsea, well done for getting to twenty one and here's to our seventieth Birthdays when we're sitting with all of my cats laughing at how once upon a time, we were sectioned.
If this admission were a total disaster (which it won't be) then I'd still be thankful because it led me to you. I wouldn't have my life without you in it. Pinkie promise
 ♫ Everything you are today, is what you want to be
So don't be someone else when you be the best so easily
If you try, and believe, my baby you'll succeed
And your eyes will make you see
You're a superstar ♫

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