Dolly's Home!

So, on Sunday (7th), Dolly turned 8 weeks, which meant she was finally old enough to leave her mummy!
I went with my Mum and Case Manager to pick her up yesterday evening. She cried all the way home but I think it was the movement of the car because whenever we stopped or got stuck in traffic she stopped crying. And oh my gosh her cry!!!! It's like a little squeak! It's so cute!
When we first got in and I let her out of her carrier, she started exploring and I thought I'd leave her to it whilst I got my pjs on but then she was just stood crying and I'd have to peak my head out into the corridor so she'd see where I was and come running. She followed me everywhere (she's literally perched on my shoulder as I write this!).
She slept for a while and I thought 'she's going to be wide awake when I go to bed!' and she was! She was leaping all over my duvet! In the end, I had to ignore her so she'd settle down and she ended up sleeping on the pillow beside mine! Every time I stirred though, she was trying to play, and when I had to get up at 7am to put the bin out, she was so excited!
She's enjoyed playing with the belt on my dressing gown and she's tried to climb up my legs when I was at my dressing table and when I was washing the dishes. She's also still figuring out her bowls, because they're joint together and she keeps putting one paw in the water bowl to try and reach her food!

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