Aimee Does Chester/Wales

Chelsea (best-friend from inpatient unit) and I have been so busy recently with work and moving homes, that we hadn't seen one another since Ed Sheeran so, a visit was well over-due.
I travelled over to Chelsea's new place on Friday (9.01) and it's actually counted as being in North Wales so it was very strange to see the signs translated without needing a valid passport! I got to see Chelsea's Mum and little sister after her Mum picked me up at the train station, and I met her Nan! Chelsea's new place is lovely, it's like a flat in a manor house and she's made it all homely and very 'Chelsea' aka lots of green!
On Friday night, we got a takeaway and had a few drinks.

On Saturday, Chels took me to her favourite home ware store; Home Sense and it was amazing! The things were so beautiful and well priced; I picked up a wooden sign that says 'Chickens' for my Case Manager (who leaves me on Friday and has Chickens!) and a biscuit tin with a Macaroon design on it!  And then, she took me in to Chester where we went shopping.

After leaving her phone in River Island, Chels and I met her boyfriend at her favourite pub; The Boathouse. The food was lovely and it was right on the riverside so the view was pretty. Half way through our meal I looked up and noticed the ceiling was covered in this:
Sunday, I was so tired as we had to get up early for my train and I ended up falling asleep and missing my stop!
Before going to Chelsea's, I was excited to have a mini break because I was stressed with everything I had on with my blog and appointments/opportunities and not getting a minute to myself with Dolly, so I was happy to get back. I got lots of love from Dolly but my dongle was broke so I've had a mission today trying to get a new one! And I still have a gazillion posts to write but that is the beauty of being a blogger and I wouldn't change it! :)

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