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March 12th 2015, was the third National Service User Awards hosted by Cygnet Healthcare and the second which I have attended. As before, it was at Silverstone. This year, I attended because I had told the 'Change UR Mind' group about the Awards and they were subsequently shortlisted for an award in the category of 'Tackling Stigma' so I attended with a representative from Youth Focus North East and YoungMinds (who are the partners of the group) and another young person called Charlotte.
We travelled to Silverstone the night before and it was a bit of a nightmare journey with the sat nav taking us the long way! But we got to our hotel eventually, and staying there for the night was one of my good friend's (Rebecca from stopbeinginappropriatewithyourbread) from Hospital, the Nurse who had been my Key Nurse for two years and the Involvement Co-Ordinator who I worked with a lot while I was in Hospital. So we all met up for food at a nearby put and Rebecca and I had a few drinks and a lot of laughs. I think we're the only people who find each other funny; no one else understands our sense of humour and ah-mazing wit!

The next morning, we traveled to the venue, and unlike last year, there was a test race going on so we got to watch some fast, fancy cars whizz around the track!
Category Winners:
Community, Social or Vocational Initiative: Thornford Park Service User Led Enterprise, Thornford Park Hospital, Priory Group
Innovations in My Shared Pathway: 'Getting on With People' Card Game, Adult Forensic Service, Edenfield Medium Secure Unit, Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS
Reducing Stigma and Tackling Discrimination: Change UR Mind
Physical Health and Wellbeing Initiative: Recovery Mural Projects, St Andrew's Birmingham, St Andrew's Healthcare
Outstanding Service User Achievement Award: Ravenswood Recovery Steering Group, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust
Service User Choice Award: REBECCA!!!!

For more information on the Awards and how to nominate a project/service user for the Awards in 2016, please visit their website:

I have also vlogged during the event and you can watch it on my youtube channel here:
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