Mother's Day: Three Lessons My Mum Taught Me

Number One:
Never give up on the people you love.
In the years before I went into the specialist hospital, I treat my Mum's house as a hotel, or a base. I'd go there to shower and pack a bag for my next mission to another city to take another overdose. During the time, there were a number of professionals who didn't understand the way I acted and didn't bother to try to understand why I did what I did. One comment that was made to my Mum was that she should tell me I wasn't welcome in the home any more. I think they hoped that would scare me into stop self-harming and running away and make me treat my Mum with more respect and gratitude if I realised that she wouldn't tolerate my behaviour much longer. But that's not the type of person my Mum is. Because unlike the professionals, she tried to understand why I was acting this way, and when she couldn't; she accepted that I wasn't doing it for attention. She knew I was hurting and that kicking me out of her home would just drive me further into the spiral of self-destruct. Her love was and is unconditional. And she believes in me. She knew I could get better. She wanted me to. I'm not a religious person, but when your Mum tells you that they prayed that they would go through anything if it mean their child got better, then I know that's a big deal! 

Number Two:
Always stand up for yourself if you are being treat unfairly.
My Mum only learnt this lesson herself when I was born. In relationships, she's been such a massive inspiration with her standards of accepting no shit from any man. No matter how big the love is or what ending the relationship would mean for her and me. I'm a no-nonsense, no-second-chances kind of girlfriend now. All through High School when my behaviour got really bad; as the anger that no one realised what was happening to me, and the hope that if my behaviour worried people, someone, eventually, would realise something was wrong; meant I was rude and rebellious in lessons. And the subsequent criticisms and punishments meant I was often made to feel small. I no longer accept people treating me and making me feel this way. 

Number Three:
Being a Mum is one of life's greatest achievements.
My Mum's Mum (my Nana) is a huge motherly inspiration; she raised my Mum, my Aunt and my Uncle and as with any family, we've had our difficulties, but ultimately; they're all good people. My Aunt broke away to Dubai and made a life for herself out there and even though she is the furthest away, nothing gets in her way of putting family first. My Uncle is a loyal husband. My Mum, is obviously, the most amazing person.
After losing my Nana very suddenly, the Wilson's couldn't have had a bigger test. And watching my Mum lose her Mum was incredibly endearing. It was the first moment in my life, where I've wanted to become a Mum. And if I can be half the mother my Nana and my Mum are, I'll be freeking awesome! Actually, I reckon I'm getting practice with Dolly, and she seems pretty content and loved! :) JOB DONE, Mum! Happy Mother's Day!

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