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I met the lovely Naomi at an event a little while ago and we've kept in touch since. I noticed that she was buying notebooks and customising them through looking along her Facebook profile.
I'm doing a lot of travelling at the moment to events and meetings, and a lot of this is on buses and trains. And then I sometimes have some down-time if I head over to the event too early and during these times, I'll think of ideas for blog posts or YouTube videos or e'mails and googling to do for my blog and I wont' have anyway of writing them to remember for when I get home and to my laptop. I like to have things written; my Mum goes on about typing things into my phone because I always have it with me but I like it visible. I love my to-do lists and my blog planning book! 
So, I asked Naomi to create a customised notebook to write blog-related ideas in, and here's what I got...

I absolutely love it! And I can't wait to use it at my next meeting on Tuesday (12th). Naomi also has lots of individual and hand-made jewellery...

Naomi is also on Twitter

You can find Naomi's shop on Facebook

And on Etsy

Naomi has kindly offered to give all of my readers 10% off, all you have to do is type in the discount code 'notdisordered10'
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