I'm NOT Disordered Does Durham... & Youth Speak | 'Ad'

So, in case some of you don't know, after attending an event with Youth Speak on behalf of ITV Fixers, I was asked to join their team as their Social Media Expert.
So I finally met up with Laura, from Youth Speak and when I say 'finally' I mean finally! We set to meet up in Durham but neither of us knew the city very well and we spent half an hour going in circles trying to find one another! 
I decided to go into Durham early to have a little explore...
The view from the train station was amazing and I (stupidly) thought I was looking at the cathedral for about ten minutes, only to find out that it was a church!

After realising, that definitely wasn't what it was, I went into the shops and got a few treats for myself and my home and then I enjoyed the view from the bridge...

And then I wandered around the little cobbled streets, found an O2 shop, and had them fix my e'mails on my phone because for a while it'd stopped updating my inbox and I was unable to send messages. 

After that, I went in the cafe in BHS and had the most amazing view of the river and the cathedral. And then we spent the half hour looking for one another! 

When we met up, we filmed me answering some questions for the Youth Speak film and then we discussed some ideas for my role as Social Media Expert and what that meant I could do for the new campaign they were planning to launch. To be honest, I was quite proud because I had begun to doubt my abilities after looking at others' social media work and I just thought that I was no match for them; they could do everything so much better than me. There was so many people with special training and qualifications and more followers and better vlogs and better layouts... But I impressed myself with my ideas and knowledge and range of contacts! And anyone who properly knows me, will know I don't say these things often about myself!
So, keep an eye out for the launch of the campaign and my input on the Youth Speak social media accounts! Also, if anyone is interested in hearing more about the campaign and is interested in helping us out, please drop me an e'mail at aimeewilson@live.co.uk

To see my video of my little explore in Durham: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eS8y8vn4TPA

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