10 Things I Believe

Number One
Everyone has the potential to recover, when given the right support and treatment.
Number Two
The people in the best position to help others struggling with mental health, are those who have experience of it.
Number Three
If your friendship survives a test, you’re friends for life. If your friendship is constantly tested; you’re best-friend’s for life.

Number Four
Everyone is good at something, if you don’t think you are then you just haven’t found it yet.
Number Five
Taking medication is neither ‘the answer’ nor, something to be ashamed of.

Number Six
We will beat mental health stigma. And one day, we’ll be shocked that we ever had these thoughts; like the fact that psychiatric hospitals used to be called Asylums.
Number Seven
Dying is whatever you believe. If you believe in heaven; that’s what will happen. If you think it’ll be oblivion, then it will be.
Number Eight
What goes around will come around.
Number Nine
You appreciate achievements more when you work for them, than when you have them handed to you on a plate.
Number Ten
Different people, have different things which make them happy. Some people are happy with money and bags with names on them. Some people feel happy when they donate large money to charities. Some people are happy when their day goes smoothly. Don’t judge what might make someone happy.

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