I Have A Type of MS

Yes, you read right.
This is a tricky post for me to write because for a while now I haven't wanted to, or felt ready to, publicize this.
I'd gone for the MRI scan when I began experiencing regular, bad headaches, a tingling feeling in the tip of my nose and across my right cheek, and flashes of white light out of the corner of my eye. When I saw the Neurosurgeon, he showed me the scan of my brain on his computer... I thought it'd be interesting but it actually terrified me a little bit to see all of these things on my brain!
Since then, I've developed a few more symptoms: joint pain- very bad joint pain and a shake/twitch/spasm thing in my right leg. I saw my GP today because the Pharmacist called me on Tuesday about my pain medication and it was decided that I needed to be on something a lot stronger and to take it more on a regular basis than a PRN one (when required). I've also been referred to Physio for exercises and a walking aid and when I developed the joint pain (a couple of weeks ago) I was referred back to the Neurosurgeon for another MRI to check if the type of MS is changing, and so when I told the one today about my leg twitches he said he was going to chase that up.
I got quite upset after the GP appointment at the fact I needed such strong painkillers and might end up with a walking stick but I'm trying to look at it with the mindset that the pain will be better (hopefully gone!) and I'll feel more mobile.
So, this is it.
I also just want to say that Bloggers and YouTubers constantly say that their followers think they know everything about your life but really, they see what you choose to show them. And so, bear in mind that I'm NOT Disordered is similar. I'm always honest with you guys, but I don't blog about everything that's going on in my life. I guess this is just further evidence not to judge a book by its cover, because a lot of people see a person behave or act in a particular way and make assumptions of these people. When really, they have no idea as to what is actually going on.
If you are to take anything from this then please let it be that and so, if you want to show your support, don't message me; share this post so that it reaches the most people possible.

If you'd like any more information about MS then please visit: http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Multiple-sclerosis/Pages/Symptoms.aspx
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