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For some time now, I've been working alongside Inspector Steve Baker, the Mental Health Lead for Northumbria Police, and Claire Andre, Police Liason Lead for Northumberland Tyne & Wear (NTW) NHS, on many different projects. And this event, is the next to become public! 
On Thursday 15th September, the Enhancing Mental Health Multi-agency Partnerships event will be held (details in above photo) and I've been asked to deliver a presentation on my experiences (good and bad) with the Police in regards to mental health. So on every day for the next three days, there will be a post about the event.
To keep up with the excitement, plans, thoughts, questions and general goings-on, use the hashtag #multiagencyNE on Twitter

John Lawlor (Chief Executive Officer of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS) on the upcoming #multiagencyNE event: 
"I'm delighted to be involved with the Mental Health Multi-Agency Partnerships event, showcasing the great partnership work between Northumbria Police and the local NHS. 
 It is great in to see that, in these challenging times for local people that our public services ensure the needs of local communities remain right at the top of our priorities."

Claire Andre (Police Liason Lead for Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS) on how things are improving:
“We are proud of the services we provide and the partnerships we have in the North East, it is through these that we continue to improve the experience for those using our services. 
And on honesty:
We cannot say we have solved all of the issues, or have the answer to everyone’s concerns, but we try to do our best for the people we service and care for, learning and developing together. 
And on why this event is important:
We want to demonstrate to other areas, some of the examples of this work and what can be achieved through multi-agency working."
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