Every day you’re here,

I’m healing

-       Clean Bandit: Symphony

I’ve found that a lot of I’m NOT Disordered readers don’t follow me on Twitter or Instagrarm (my Facebook is private) so not everyone has seen my many photos of Emmy since I wrote my post when I got her two weeks ago today: http://www.imnotdisordered.co.uk/2018/10/readers-meet-emmy-wilson-willows-cat.html

Since October 15th I haven’t had any thoughts to self-harm or heard any auditory hallucinations, so I feel like I’ve really been able to enjoy Emmy’s first few weeks here. I’ve actually been able to spend as much time with her as possible.

I’ve learnt that she loves all food – probably because she was found wandering the streets.

I’ve seen her lose the ability to use her litter tray because of the fireworks.

I’ve introduced her to my neighbors, friends, family, and Pixie!

I’ve watched her explore every surface in our entire home!

I’ve told her all about the Sims whilst she’s watch me play it!

I’ve attempted to blog with her sitting on the keyboard!

I’ve laughed at her attempts to scale the front room window.

I’ve shouted when she’s stolen bread crusts from my plate!

Forever grateful for Willows Cat Adoption Centre for rescuing Emmy & giving her the chance to find her forever home after finding her wandering the streets at only a few weeks old:

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